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Hiking in the Jungle with Great Danes

Off to a well known Bed and Breakfast – Chalet Nicolas – here in Arenal for some bird watching in the morning. The owners have five massive Great Danes!

We sat on the front porch of their B&B and lured the colourful birds out from the trees with ripe bananas! All the birds here love bananas. We saw woodpeckers, robins, grackles, mot mots, ….

After a full morning of coffee, dogs,  and bird watching, we made our way into some pristine jungle. Three of the Great Dane’s came with us as we traversed the wild jungle path, protected with snake guards and bamboo walking sticks. We crossed paths with a green parrot snake about a meter long, which was kind of unusual for that time of day. We found a spring where I collected some water to make tea and embraced the diverse range of tree’s and blossoming flowers.

Kayak-Sailing and Fire Ants

Off to the Laguna Arenal today for Scott’s inaugural kayak-sail attempt – a success! Of course, we assembled the homemade bamboo sailboat on a number of small fire-ant nests, only to have series of stinging sensations telling us we were stepping on their homes. Those tiny little buggers can bite! While Scott tested the waters, the rest of us made our way along the shore scoping out tropical groves for bright Costa Rican birds of all shapes, sizes, and fashions – binoculars in hand. A number of egrets graced our voyage, along with birds of yellow bellows here and red wing-tips there. The sky: clear and blue; temperature: about 20 with a nice breeze.

We made our way over to our friends’ house with a few acres of land. Iguanas scampering, monkey’s howling, bananas ripening, flowers basking, and bugs biting. Everything thrives here. Plants upon plants grow in coexisting networks of tropical fusion.