The Art of Wild Fermentation

At Finca Luna Nueva, besides my main focus on Tea and Biodynamics, I’ve also had the chance to engage in other interesting activities like making chocolate from cacao, collecting butterflies, hiking to and swimming in volcanic craters, and effervescing like a mad man! Pictured below is a series of ferments myself and the other interns have been brewing. The sensations are wild and the flavours sensational.

Left to Right
Oolong, Puer, Ginger Brown Sugar, Oolong-Gaunabana

Fruit and Vegetable Kimchi! Both outstanding sensations and flavour profiles. Of course, we used some on-farm ingredients like guanabana, coconut, and culantro in the fruit kimchi, and ginger, turmeric, and pepper in the regular kimchi.

The great Guanabana Mead!!

Pickled baby ginger. The two on the outside are a natural pink as a result of quality baby ginger from our farm. The one in the middle is coloured with Annatto, also from the farm.

The Classic Kraut. Green and Purple Cabbage.

Effervescent party at Finca Luna! One day, with enough tea production, we’ll have a signature Biodynamic Black Tea Kombucha available!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Pretty dang droolworthy! Happy Thanksgiving Shane,


  2. I would love to come and so a series of Fermented Classes there, my blog has a recent post with Sandor and I at the Farm to Fermentation Festival , lecturing, i did Fermentation and Your Health!! Check out for the blog! Cheers, Trish


    • Posted by Shane on October 9, 2012 at 9:39 AM

      Cool, thanks for the link Trish. It would be awesome to have a fermentation workshop. Steven mentioned a kombucha-specific workshop where guests could learn about the process and go home with a jar, some tea, and a scoby. But we could also have a workshop with all sorts of ferments!


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