Taiwan Oolong Study Tour 2011 – Day 5

Fewf, Day 5 and only two more to go! I’m going to keep this one a little short as I’m pressed for time!

On This day, we visited the SanHsia Tea District. We met with a couple jolly farmers who showed us their tea gardens and discussed a used-coffee grind program they incorporate into their gardens. The results of using used coffee grinds on their beds have been positive!

We continued to visit a tea processing factory and then on to more cupping! The pictures show the details. After some lunch, we made our way to a tea accessory shop where we made many joyous purchases.

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  1. One of the things I thought most interesting about meeting these folks was their story of how the Chinese who left the mainland (for whatever reason) became homesick for Dragon Well and Pi lo Chun teas and that these folks starting making them by memory or what they could figure out. I thought that was interesting…I just know the Dragon Well did not taste like my memory bank of flavors, but the fact that they tried to copy. I also liked seeing what methods they used to produce more plants from the growing bushes.


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