Day 3: Milked Ma First Cow

That was probably the most exciting part of the day; I’ve never milked an animal before and it’s difficult business! I know it’s all glamorized on television but it takes a lot more skill than just squeezing a tit! Forefinger and thumb clasp the milk in the tit followed by a successive squeeze from your following fingers. I was slow as molasses, while Marvin on the other side was shootin’ milk out like torpedoes! Not sure how many times I hit my shoe instead of the milk bucket…

As for the rest of the day, we continued repairing the barbed wire fence. Lots of digging, pounding soil, and trying to make out what my two Spanish co-workers were saying.

What’s really interesting is how we have a living fence line. Many of the fence posts are actually trees, and their subsequent new limbs become fence posts for future use. The soil and environment is so rich and nourishing almost anything grows if you just stick it in the ground. That being said, what’s of more interest is how crops and fence posts are affected by the lunar cycle. I believe it’s the three days prior to a full moon and the following twelve days which yield optimal growing conditions. I’m not sure why but Natalie (the farm owner) mentioned the moons gravitational influence may be stronger as we are so close to the equator and that might play a role in promoting growth on cyclic intervals.

Pictures to come!


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