Back to School – Asentamiento

Better than usual road conditions on a sunny afternoon.


Time for some quick work at a local school. Asentimiento is a poor and under funded elementary school located about 25 minutes outside of Arenal. It’s easiest to get there by foot or horseback unless you have a rugged 4×4 to handle car-eating mud pits, pot holes, and downright lack of infrastructure. Lucky for us, Jeff has just the truck.


Asentamiento Escuela


Today, our major project was the bathroom. After being tiled the previous day, we grouted the tiles and buffered em’ up good. Some new plumbing went in, along with a securely fastened sink and new toilet seat.

Laying the grout

Scott gave the bathroom door a well-needed upgrade and organized some lighting wires in the main classroom.

Friends, Jeff and Allison, have been long time supporters of Asentimiento, donating their time and money to improve and maintain the structure and integrity of the school. Janet and Scott have joined in the effort by doing the same each year to improve the learning environment of the students. Rockon to locals giving back to the community!


The Finished Product!


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