Today, my palate was born

Gingerbread, people! It’s a restaurant just on the outskirts of Nuevo Arenal, of all places – I say that because it’s hands down the finest quality food I’ve ever had in my life. Not too recently, I would have said my favourite meal was a dish prepared by a Sri Lanka family at a monastery in Kamloops, however, this takes the cake. Essentially, the dinner is conducted as such: the enthusiastic and boisterous Israeli chef, with all of his round-bellied love of food, approaches to tell you what’s on tap. About five appetizers are revealed. I dare not say for my employed written ability remain unlicensed to describe such delicacies, that which arouse such pleasurable foreign flavors – let your imagination soar to the ends of the ever-increasing universe when I tell you I had tuna salad and calamari.

In a palate-awakening comatose, we are approached again to decide on an entrée. Maybe a light poetical verse will suffice in approaching this explosion of sauce and flavour. Or maybe not, and possibly my hard rigid grammar will be as a bikini on a super model when I tell you we had curried chicken on rice with carrots, green beans, ginger, pepper, and a score of other flavours that splash the tongue – it leaves something to the imagination, por que si?

By the way, each meal comes well presented on one large decorated plate for everyone to share, and between three of us, two appetizers and one entrée was more than enough, and you can’t beat the price; the cheque is like a desert following a meal. Speaking of dessert, we had Bocanegra – a deadly combo of ice cream, brownie, fruity syrups, and some coffee beans.

All in all, I’ve never been so satisfied walking away from a restaurant. That experience was something to reminisce about the entire ride home.


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  1. Posted by Russ on January 31, 2011 at 12:46 AM

    Great post,Shane!! Guess I’ll have to find my way down there sometime and try this restaurant! :o)


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